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About Us

The ACE E-Store

We take immense joy in introducing our new e-store. We warmly welcome you to the house of quality kitchenware!


So why the Ace E-Store?

We have an extensive distributor and dealer network across the country and majority of our customers are able to purchase our items through retail outlets. But, there have been numerous inquiries from different parts of the country & abroad where remotely located customers are not able to purchase our items, despite our extensive distribution network.


So, we dedicate our online store to serve this group of people well so they too may purchase our quality kitchenware!


It is and always will be our best endeavor to provide our customers with superior quality products at the most affordable rates.


A brief history

Ace is a popular name in India's kitchenware consumer market. ACE brand entered the consumer market in 2005 with its debut product - Electronic Gas Lighter. Since then it has grown rapidly; now offering a huge range of quality products from kitchen knives, tableware cutlery to kitchen tools such as Rolling Pins, Onion Dicer & Potato Chipser. This rapid growth is a result of 35 years of experience in manufacturing quality products.

Company's registered office and the manufacturing unit are located 16 kms away from Rajkot city within an industrial zone at Veraval (Shapar) village.

Rajkot has been home to quality kitchenware products for more than 35 years. The directors of ACE brand have been part of this industry since the beginning. In the past they have partnered with Crystal© Group to take kitchenware industry to its new avenues, manufacturing India's first mass produced quality Electronic Gas Lighter. They were at the forefront of Glare brand's establishment which introduced tapered edge kitchen knives to the Indian consumer market.


Today, Ace continues to impress its customers through its creativity. Company has incorporated Indian traditions & cultural attributes into its products through the introduction of Vastu & Veda concept. ACE has redefined the way consumers use day to day tools such as Strainers and Ginger/Cheese Graters by incorporating Soft & Sensational Grip. ACE has incorporated Acupressure therapy into some of its products such as churner to promote better health of its customers from regular use.

Product Development takes place in company's R&D facilities equipped with precision tools. Company directors have travelled extensively around the world to bring home the best technology in product development and manufacturing.

The ACE Promise

Offering high quality products at affordable prices remains at the heart of company's operations. All customers queries and communications are handled from the registered office to ensure timely response.

We hope to continue serve our customers with innovative products in the years to come.

For further information please contact us.